On stage, we express our characters with our entire bodies. On film, we express with our eyes and our smile and the most subtle of facial expressions. What you may be able to convince an audience of with the distance of the stage requires much more authenticity with the intimacy of the camera lens.

In regards to teaching, it’s still about helping you find characters and moments within yourself. We will work on the confidence and integrity that will engross your audience from wherever they watch you.

In this class, you’ll learn what the camera picks up and how to use its lens to your benefit. You’ll have a chance to see yourself on screen and see how internalizing your actions can bring out the nuances of human characters.



In this two-part class, you’ll work with a partner to film a scene, not just to learn the process, but to keep for yourself and for use in your acting reel.

In Part One, you’ll work with Chris and your partner on your scene, your character, and the logistics such as props, blocking, etc.

In Part Two, filmmaker Matt Longmire will be onsite with cameras, lights, and sound equipment to film you and your partner perform your scene twice. You’ll get a basic idea of what it’s like on set and practice the art of staying true to your scene, even with the added pressure of the big red “record” button.

Once edited, you’ll get a high-definition copy of your scene to help market yourself as an actor.