Film Camp Returns!

Join Matt Longmire & Chris Soldevilla from July 8th - 12th from 8 AM to 12 PM to learn the ins and outs of filmmaking from script to screen.

This year, we'll be at Rolling Bay Hall (10598 NE Valley Rd.) and on that Sunday the 14th, at 1:30pm we'll be hosting a friends and family screening of the films you make during camp. Each student may bring up to two guests. An RSVP will be requested during camp.

In this five-day camp, we’ll cover…

Script Writing


Camera Techniques


Sound Recording

Video Editing*

Read through our FAQs and then sign up below. Space is limited.


Will we actually be making movies?
You bet. Each group will write, film, perform in, and direct two short films from start to finish.

How many students are in the camp?
We’ll be hosting up to 15 students, ages 10-18

Last year, there were two groups, did that change?
Yes, Matt & Chris made the decision to merge the morning & afternoon groups into one morning group for the 2019 camp for a collection of reasons. We hope this doesn’t prevent anyone from attending and enjoying this year’s camp.

What do I need to already know before camp?
Students need no pre-existing knowledge of filmmaking to attend. Just a desire to learn and be a team player on our film crew.

I did camp last year. Can I do it again?
Absolutely! Everyone was great and we'd be happy to have you again.

What size shirt should I order?
We order our shirts from
Shirt Size Chart: Kid’s / Standard

My brother/sister/friend wants to do camp with me. Is there a discount?
We offer a 10% discount for registrations of more than one student.

Will we do any special effects?
We’ll be focused on “practical effects” that can be achieved through camera angles and other movie magic.

Do I have to perform on camera?
Not at all. We want everyone to be comfortable. Anyone who wants to be on camera can be, but no one has to be.

*A Note About Video Editing: We will be editing our films as a group to create one cohesive film. Matt will operate the editing software based on the decisions of the group, while explaining the concepts of editing and the basics of the software. Students will also have the option to download all of their film's footage after camp in order to create their own "Director's Cut" at home.

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