The most difficult part of improv is just choosing to walk in the door that first time. Everything else is easy. It’s as easy as playing make-believe on the playground when we were kids.

One of the greatest tools for an actor is the ability to improvise, to just be in the moment, and play without worrying about “doing it right.” When you stop judging yourself through everyone else’s eyes, there’s a profound joy and confidence in just being you.

This class provides the necessary structure and safe environment to let you feel free to open up and explore. It’s not just a bunch of “improv games” and don’t come thinking you have to be funny. Improv isn’t always about comedy, it’s more about being genuine.

Improv has been one of my earliest loves, and I’ve been teaching and performing it for over twenty years in Boston, Los Angeles, and Seattle, and still perform every first Saturday with The Edge at Bainbridge Performing Arts.

Improv is also a great way for businesses to build team relationships. Contact me to inquire about custom onsite improv classes.